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Transform your look from natural to elegant mascara in 60 minutes. Our eyelash extensions add length, thickness and natural curl to give you a flawless look. Carry your look 24 hours a day, without the mess and clumping of ordinary mascara. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears.
Eyelash extensions are virtually weightless, applied one by one, curved to replicate the natural lash for an elegant mascara look. They add fullness without damaging your existing lashes when applied correctly. When applied correctly, eyelash extensions look and feel as if they are your own lashes. See and feel the difference when you book your appointment with Hy Gorgeous.

Initial set: 45-70 lashes per eye or up to 60 minutes  -  $150
Touch ups: 1 week - $45
                     2 weeks - $65
                     3 weeks - $95
                     4 weeks - $125
                     5+ weeks- $150
*Touch-ups from a different eyelash location other than Hy Gorgeous must first be looked at by one of our technicians and the price will be given according to the condition of your eyelash extensions.